Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild




Objectives of the Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild:  

To provide a meeting ground for those  who are interested in painting in any media.

To upgrade painting skills through education and communication.

To conduct educational workshops.

To broaden the members' knowledge and experience in all aspects of painting.        

Meetings are informative and educational with hands on painting.



Please note that our meetings will now be held the second Tuesday of the month at the
Trenton United Church 85 Dundas St E, Trenton, ON
 K8V 1M2

Next meeting is Febuary 12th 2019
Jan Swenson will be teaching the after meeting project

We will be painting a 12 inch wooden quarter moon with a universe sky
design. Many of you already have the moon and will need to base coat
it black. I base coated the rest of the moons.

Cost: $4.00
Paint and blending gel will be provided.
A sheet of palette paper for lots of space to blend paint would be helpful
3/4? or so flat to use the ?slip slap? method
Stencil brush (preferred)or deer foot brush to smooth cloud edges
(I have extra stencil brushes)
Liner and small round brush
Toothbrush for splattering

This project provides you with variety. Google ?universe images? and
?universe spirals? for inspiration. You don?t have to copy the design
of my piece if you don?t want to. Anything in the sky goes!


MONTHLY MEETINGS-- Trenton United Church 85 Dundas St E, Trenton, ON K8V 1M2

When : Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month. There are no meetings during July and August.

Where: Trenton United Church 85 Dundas St E, Trenton, ON K8V 1M2

Time: Coffee and Social Time at 6:30 pm. Meeting starts at 7:00pm

Remember to bring your regular painting supplies to
every meeting!

(Brushes, water bucket, tracing paper,
graphite paper, pencil, stylus, paper towels, wet or dry palette.)

Please bring your own coffee cup to meetings to reduce the amount of dishes!





Jan's Decorative Painting Studio
A place to come and get inspired!



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